Dear Readers:

Hi! My name is Lily. I’m a semi-recent college grad and a lay servant in the United Methodist Church with a chronic disability called Friedreich’s Ataxia. I feel passionate about ministry, classic novels, the Bible, history, amateur graphic design and website building, writing, reading, teaching, and more. I blog about these topics and others.


I seek to build relationships with other writers/readers so we can support and learn from each other. You can learn more fun facts about me on the About page.

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I (usually) publish a new blog post every Friday. 🙂

Some people have questioned the meaning behind my site’s name. First off, it’s memorable, it rolls off the tongue, and it’s original! Also, my writings generally reflect on things–books I’ve read, faith topics I’ve prayed about and pondered, observations I’ve mulled over, etc. My gravitation towards both the intellectual and the spiritual also evokes ideas of deep thought, analysis, and introspection. I am Retrospective Lily because I usually write about things “in retrospect.” ♥