My Morning & Night Facial Skincare Routine

Hi, friends. This is my first official beauty post! Every time I introduce a new “topic” to my blog (Christian devotionals, exercise, movies, etc.), I feel a bit anxious that people won’t like it. On the one hand, I might alienate some of my readers; on the other hand, I might gain some. As usual, here goes nothing!

Background on my Facial Skin

In middle school and some of high school, I had a pizza face despite using acne wash (thanks, hormones!). My current skincare routine developed in the beginning of college. For a while, I had an issue with my face peeling dead skin, but in hindsight, I think my face got irritated by the heavy foundation I used to wear. Since then, I haven’t had major issues. I don’t wear makeup often. Aside from the occasional pimple, my primary “skin concern” is red blotchiness (mostly on my cheeks) from general sensitivity, rosacea, and repeated childhood sunburns.

Morning Routine

  • Toner
  • Daytime moisturizer w/ sunscreen
Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner

Toner–Toner cleans your face; it’s like washing without water. Definitely go for an alcohol-free toner or straight witch hazel because alcohol is a no-no for nice skin! I squeeze some out on a cotton round or cotton square (since they’re bigger than cotton balls) and rub it all over my face.

Neutrogena Visibly Even Daily Moisturizer w/ Sunscreen SPF 30

Daytime moisturizer w/sunscreen–I used to use moisturizer then sunscreen, but ain’t nobody got time for that, so I now use a sunscreen-moisturizer. If I’m wearing makeup, I apply the makeup after this dries for a minute. Note to the ladies: the miniscule sunscreen content of your foundation won’t adequately protect your skin from sun damage!

Also notable is the difference between chemical sunscreen and physical sunscreen. Physical SS uses ingredients like zinc and titanium oxide to reflect the sun’s rays; chemical SS uses carbon-based ingredients (words ending in -zone and -ate) to absorb the sun’s rays and change them to heat. Generally, physical SS leaves the ghostly white cast, while chemical SS blends in well; however, they say chemical SS is harsher for sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin, but I am using a chemical SS that works to improve skin (pictured above), and while it might be the placebo effect, I feel that my skin looks better. [It smells like bananas and applies so smoothly, mmm.]

Night Routine

  • Makeup wipe (if applicable)
  • Face wash
  • Nighttime moisturizer
Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

Makeup wipe–Get the gunk off your face before you do anything else!

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, Redness Soothing

Face wash–The kinds of face wash available are practically infinite. Some contain acne-fighting salicylic acid, some simply market themselves as daily cleansers, some combat specific issues like redness. Cue the well-meaning folks who proclaim they clean their faces with a bar of soap; my face would be drier and rougher than a cactus if I did that.

Cerave Moisturizing Cream

Nighttime moisturizer–You’ll want to use a moisturizer that’s thicker and creamier at night so that, while you catch some precious zzz’s, your skin can soak up that hydrating goodness. I’ve been using Cerave Moisturizing Cream for over five years; it makes my face so soft.

Your turn! What’s your skincare routine? What are your favorite products (or your wife’s)? Do you recommend a brand of eye cream? I don’t use that yet, but I may start soon. Thanks for reading!


  1. Seems to be working for you. 🙂 I worry sometimes too about diverse blogging. Time has proven to me it’s a non-issue, but there’s always that little voice in the back of the skull that refuses to be unemployed. Still… don’t worry about. A diverse platform means you can shift things around as you feel called to do so with a more stable readership.

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  2. I think as long as you have your “main” content sharing an occasional post here and there that may differ totally works!! Every time I’ve written about food on Peeking Beneath people have really enjoyed those posts, but it’s just not something I can whip out all the time. I always enjoy reading about people’s skincare routines 🙂 very fun and light weight material.

    SAME! My moisturizer has sunscreen in it. I also have one for acne I use at night. I try to wash my face more, but it’s still a work in process. I’ve never gotten into that routine. I have a cleanser, a cream cleanse, and some for acne so I rotate them. I like using an exfoliate on my face once every week to every other week. I use ELF products mainly for my night time. Night time routine- Toner, moisturizer, eye cream, serum (occasionally), and face cream (occasionally).

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    1. Funny enough, I think Christian posts might be my main content now, but my first Christian post was just six months ago. Maybe my “main content” is the more intellectual stuff like devotionals and classic lit and history while the casual stuff is extra. Idk anymore, but at least I’m having fun, hehe.

      What sort of eye cream and exfoliant do you use? I’d like to incorporate those items!

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      1. You will find your balance 🙂 what helps me get an idea is to look at my stats for the past month, see which post(s) were viewed the most, and look at the year and see which posts are the top. It helps me know my audience and it gives me inspiration.

        The eye cream I use is from ELF it is about $8 or $10 dollars. For eye cream, it is really cheap. It has like cucumber, and some other stuff in it. It’s a really nice cool sensation. My exfoliant, I have a daily scrub from Aveeno “positively radiant” and my once a week is St. Ives “blackhead clearing” green tea scrub or “even and bright” St. Ives pink lemon & mandarin orange scrub. Those two scrubs from St. Ives are on the medium scale for exfoilant. They also have a softer and a harder exfoliate too depending on what you are looking at. I’ve seen travel sizes of the St. Ives so you could try those before you get a full sized one. ELF also has a gel cleanser, which I sometimes use. (I don’t use all of these at the same time.) I alternate between the positively radiant scrub and cleanser.


  3. My skin was transformed a few years ago when I started using Olay 7 Effects moisturizer with spf 30. Skin tone evened out, dry/oily areas balanced out, and breakouts almost never happen these days. It’s been sort of a miracle for my skin. I don’t even wear foundation anymore.

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  4. CereVe is definitely a fave. I use one in the morning, under my makeup, and a heavier moisturizer at night.

    I love Clinique’s eye makeup remover. Perfect for heavy eyeliner days.

    Aveeno facewash – for sensitive skin as the normal can dry mine out.

    Aloette makes the best skin care I’ve ever used, but, it’s pricey and I haven’t used it in years.

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  5. I love your beauty post! Thank you for sharing your tips in such a captivating way, images and all! Write what’s in your and whatever floats your boat. I think most bloggers like to read diverse subjects :).
    As for me I use aveeno face wash and aveeno night cream. I had a toner but it would irritate my skin, probably had alcohol!! I’ll check out the one you recommended. Also once a week a use nose strips. I get little black head but plenty of white heads…for my liking any way. I use an eye cream from Jafra called Optimeyes. It helps with bags and black underneath eyes. It’s a bit pricy for the small container but definitely worth it since I work night shift and my sleep is skewed. 🙂

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      1. I want to say about $15 maybe a tad more. However it last me a long time how I hardly use make up. I’ll do eyeliner and mascara more often and use the removal and it just leaves my skin feeling so rich and silky 🙂


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