About Me

My name is Lily Pierce, I’m 24 years old, and I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English in December 2017. Up to that point, I worked in the Digital ACT Studio where I helped clients with digital projects that ranged from presentations to posters to videos to brochures. While I switched from a Marketing major to an English major in 2014, I’ve been an avid reader and writer my whole life; old notebooks filled with poems, shelves in the house bursting with novels, and dusty newspapers from high school featuring my articles illustrate my lifelong passion. I’ve also always enjoyed helping people understand new concepts. Since I’ve always been the nerdy girl in class, I’ve often found myself improvising a tutoring session with people around me who “didn’t get it.” As a digital consultant, I was privileged to help people “get it” for a living. In the area of text work, I’m thoughtful, effective, and experienced; as a result, I’ve received an A in every English course I’ve taken. As of now, I’m seeking editing work. More information on that is listed under “Rates.”