So far in my editing career, I’ve edited two theses for master’s degrees in the field of business, which each amounted to 75~ pages of text, not including figures, charts, appendices, etc. I’ve also edited a pastor’s essay application for a position in the United Methodist Church (somewhere from 25-50 pages). Through these jobs, I’ve worked with both technical jargon and deeply personal reflection. I’d like to add digital projects to my professional editing experience, but I’m always happy to work with good ol’ text! Because I’m getting established as a freelance editor, rates are negotiable. For a fee of $25, I will edit the first five pages of text and scan the rest of the paper to assess how long editing may take and offer you an estimate for the whole project; this way, you’ll see a sample of how I can enhance your work, and you won’t have to commit initially. My rates are low right now, so take advantage! Email me at lmpierc3@uncg.edu.