Should I Change My Name?

Hi, friends. This is a quick, impromptu post. Scheduled and heavily edited posts will resume in a couple days! Just taking a break to ask what my followers think about something…

I started this blog for a course called Digital Rhetoric, and I feel lucky that I found my niche just incidentally. Between that course and Literary Study of the Bible, my last semester of undergrad (fall 2017) was the most rewarding in six years.

Anyways, I called myself EditingEdge initially because it sounds pithy and alludes to what my primary focus was initially (content on editing and rhetoric for text and technology). My primary focus now is literary and historical blurbs. I changed my name after a month to Editing Advantage when I discovered that EditingEdge is already trademarked.

A month or two back, I upgraded my WP plan to get a url. After some intense brainstorming and searching with a coworker (almost anything reasonable ending in .com is unavailable), we landed on Lily is my name, and the term “retrospective” alludes to the fact that almost everything I post deals with the past.

With the blog’s focus having changed and my having the url, I am thinking about changing my name on here from “Editing Advantage” to “Retrospective Lily.”

Let me know if you support that. Thanks for reading and caring! Y’all bring me so much joy.



  1. I have gone through this myself, that is, rethinking my blog’s focus. While I do post mainly about the classics, because that’s what I like to read, I was afraid the name limited me to only books from the past. However, like you, I brought this conundrum to my blog community and received lots of good input. When I really thought it all through, I realized even the contemporary books I like to read are usually historical fiction and I had to laugh…I AM firmly in the past, with only occasional book travels into the present!
    So, I am highly supportive of your process and how it got you to your blog’s new focus. I wish you very well πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks! Also, I’m glad to meet another blogger who shares my specific sort of pickiness with reading. There’s billions of books out there and I don’t want to waste time reading things that seem overall irrelevant. That seems harsh, but it is what it is, lol. πŸ™‚

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