Building My Church’s Website

Hi, friends. My mom and I decided that my church needs an official website, and I’ve been working on it for a couple weeks. Here it is. In my extremely biased opinion, it looks great so far.

At the time of writing this, I’ve nearly finished “Community Outreach.” Listing and describing our mission projects has blessed me. I honestly didn’t realize how many ways we reach out. Along with several individual missions, we take part in two organizations made up of local churches. One is all United Methodists; one is not specific to a denomination. I feel proud yet humbled that my local churches are coordinating in different ways to bring God’s love along with material needs to such small, rural communities.

Many “Americanized Christians” (my term) have forgotten the cost of discipleship; they’ve become insular and self-serving. Church is their social club. Ah, another post for another day…point being, we do not have that problem, thank God! We are helping our neighbors.

I’m about to work on “History.” I know both wonderful and painful memories will be drudged up in writing it. I will make a post in the future with some pictures and details, but long story short, my church was burned down by an arsonist in 2012. Our church body gathered with our sister church every Sunday until we rebuilt in 2015. I know God must be faithful when I reflect how we survived that time period. The memories will be wonderful and painful because I grew up in that place–a beautiful house of God where I spent my childhood reduced to a pile of ashes…yet look where we are today! I predict that tears will stream down my cheeks as I write it (I’m already crying tbh).

We learned through a literal trial by fire that the church is the people, not a building. But with the opportunity to rebuild came the opportunity to create an all-purpose facility whose highest aim is service rather than beauty. Maybe, just maybe, God has a plan. 😉

If no one in your church has done it, you should make a list of your ministries and compile a church history. Maybe God has blessed you more than you realize. Or maybe you need to engage more with your community, remembering what it means to follow Jesus.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow! The website looks great, and thanks for sharing a portion of your church’s history.

    I look forward to that post on Americanized Christians. I could talk on that topic for hours. Haha


  2. Awesome job, Lily ! We do need to tell a bit more about the actual ‘backpacks’ of food. The school evaluates, seeks parental permission, then provides the number of backpacks needed. (The bags contain food such as individual packs of crackers, beanie weenies, cookies, bottled water, cereal, etc.) The churches in the Missional Network fill the bags and deliver them to the school each week where they are distributed. This mission is to be sure that no child goes hungry on the weekend.

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  3. Our church was established in 1860 and has a “great cloud of witnesses” left to us. We are small in number but by the remembering, we see again how God works in us and through as we do continue to follow Him. Enjoyed your post.

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  4. Sorry to read about the fire – such a sad story (and nasty deed) – but it is great that the building has been restored and the church made it through such trial.
    Great work! Both the site and the church’s mission are beautiful.

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      1. Yes! I see great improvement in my spirituality and level of constant connectedness just in the past few months. Here is a link to the post– It is the most recent blog post on gideongroveumc. You and my mom both love music and have directed choirs 🙂

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