My Disability Experience: Body Temperature

Hi, friends. Do you ever have weird body temperature issues? Are you always cold or always hot? Do you have certain body parts that get very cold or very hot? Let’s discuss!

Overall Body Temperature

My overall body temperature is average, though my hands and face are usually cold. What’s odd about me is that my legs and feet are freezing cold almost all of the time, even with socks and pants. I have a neuromuscular condition (Friedreich’s Ataxia), so I guess my nerves have a tough time making the trip down to my toes.

My body seems to be used to this, so I rarely feel discomfort in my legs during the day. Actually, I’m often taken aback by how cold my calves feel when I reach down and touch them. Thank the Lord for space heaters! I have one at work that I sit right next to my legs.

How Body Temperature Issues Affect my Sleep

When I go to sleep, I have to bundle myself in a ton of covers because, when I’m in bed, the coldness of my legs bothers me tremendously. I then lie there for several minutes with my legs pressed together; I can’t fall asleep until they start warming up some. I yank up the covers in addition to draping a shirt over my face to get my face warm.

When I wake up (usually 4-5 hours later), my legs feel the opposite sensation–so warm that it’s uncomfortable, like they’re burning. After I use the bathroom, turn on my overhead fan, and come back to bed, I lie on top of the covers and allow the fan to cool down my legs. After a couple minutes, I flip over and let the fan cool off my calves. I usually crawl under the covers and fall back asleep afterwards, but if I can’t fall back asleep quickly, I end up in this unwinnable limbo where my legs (or my whole body during summer) are hot, then cold, then hot, then cold as I shift positions and pull covers off and on again.

Even when I fall right back asleep, my leg temperature dictates how the rest of the night goes. If my legs are pressed together instead of separated, I will wake up again sooner because my legs will heat back up faster.

Thanks for reading! Let me know about your experiences with body temperature issues in the comments below.

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  1. “You’re hot and you’re cold” … lyrics from the country song” Heart Trouble” , ha ha! Sorry, boo, the cold feet might be genetic because my hands and feet are COLD ( ice cold) all the time. Just keep a fan and plenty of covers on hand. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I went thru a couple of what I call the Antarctic years when at my worst with Lyme. I would shiver. Now I’ve got the underarm order unwelcome friends who have moved in. I get out of shower and they are still with me. I’ve decided to call it having Chronic Illness. I hope you have a great weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I do the same. I keep a small heater at my desk to warm my legs and feet. When I god to bed, just like you, my legs bother me. sometimes I have to set the fan on high. I understand sweetie.:)

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  4. Ugh. That back and forth temperature swing SUCKKKKS, especially when you’re trying to sleep. I have had my own struggles with it because of my thyroid and lack of hormones following my hysterectomy. I’m on a good regimen of meds and supplements now, though, so it has gotten a lot better.

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  5. Hey Babe. My hands stay ice cold now. Can’t feel my feet normally but all my life that I can remember I have slept with my feet out from under the covers. Your great-great grandmother Pearson slept with her feet stuck out from under covers too.She said she wanted to be able to run in event of emergency. Currently,if I wake at night my feet and legs feel cold so I just pull them in. If you need extra blankets or another heater just send out an SOS distress signal and the troops deliver!

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  6. It’s miserable being cold all the time, I’m sorry you deal with this too. I have Raynaud’s which partly explains the cold hands/cold feet. Issues with circulation and also Erythromelalgia make things quite uncomfortable. I do find that my arms are perpetually cold, which signals my body that I’m freezing, when the base of my body may not be (ie. I could be overheating but my arms are freezing so it’s telling me I’m cold). Very odd. It’s horrible being so cold because it feels like it gets into your bones and you can’t warm up. Thanks for sharing your experiences.xx

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    1. When I lie in bed, the cold does feel like it’s gotten into my bones! Having cold arms all the time sounds uncomfortable. I have a similar issue with my body thinking it’s cold because of only certain body parts being cold. My feet and neck are big components of that! When I’m super cold, I’ll put on a scarf and fuzzy socks. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. Hi Lily It seems my feet and hands are cold especially in winter. Which causes cramps in my legs and feet. I have an electric blanket I use some but usually get too hot through the night and cut it off. I always have a small fan beside the bed. Maybe an electric blanket would help you too, you would get warm pretty quick then you could just turn it off. On the other habd several years ago I never got cold, always hot. That changed with age lol.. I know its hard to sleep when you are to cold or too hot..Keep going forward Pretty girl.

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  8. At night I also feel cold and it affects my ability to go to sleep. I have a homemade hot/cold fabric pouch, filled with flax seeds. I microwave it (2 minutes) and lay that across my stomach and chest under the covers, and with that, I am warm enough to comfortably go to sleep. Since it cools off after a while, it does not make me too warm at night–which is a problem if I turn the heat up, or run a space heater or traditional electric blanket or heating pad–then I wake up too warm in the middle of the night. Perhaps you could try something similar, or a hot water bottle, etc. to put on your feet and legs at night?
    Thank you for sharing your experience, and I am sorry that you are having this issue!! Many blessings to you ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. I have made rice socks. You just get a pair of menโ€™s tube socks. Fill one most of the way with rice, then tie it, and then push the tied up end into the toe of the other sock and pull the second sock over the first. You microwave it for a minute or more, depending on the wattage of your microwave. You can use it over and over, many times before the rice starts to break down and crumble.


  9. Hi Lily
    I have a guest ion, if joy saw purple potpourri what smell would you expect? Iโ€™m opening an online store and working giving fragrance to potpourri . I think you would would come up with something interesting. ๐Ÿ˜Ž


  10. I recently discussed this issue with friends, and we all discovered we use the same strategy: We sleep with one leg outside the covers to help regulate our sleeping temperature annoyances. I know I sometimes only let a foot peek out, and pull it in when too cold, and stick it back out when warmed up. ๐Ÿ’œ


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