Random Musings: Appreciating the Ministry on WP, Keeping Up With Bloggers, & More

Hi, friends. Today, I feel thankful and even a little awed by the ministry that happens on WordPress. I love the supportive and creative atmosphere of WP in general, but the Christian ministry around here is particularly cool.

As trite as the word seems at this point, I find our ministry here “unique.” The Christian posts I write myself and read from others come in a range of formats, from stand-alone scripture verses to life updates to everything in between. But there is a particular kind of post that strikes me as a unique and wonderful kind of ministry, which is…

*drumroll please*

The blending of testimony and devotional

I’m always inspired by the posts that blend a blogger’s own struggles and experiences with lessons based in scripture. We are so comfortable with honesty and vulnerability around here that the blending seems seamless. But it’s a break-through ministry for the writers and the readers. The writers cultivate a high level of self-awareness and the ability to see God in the good, bad, and ugly of their lives, while the readers relate to the writer’s imperfections and can therefore absorb their words on a deeper, more intimate level.

To the Christian bloggers who blend testimony and devotional to create insightful, thought-provoking, real, convicting posts, I will borrow the line often used by Paul at the start of his letters–I thank God for you!

On another note, how do you guys keep up with bloggers? I used to just use the Reader, but that became too overwhelming, so I began going through my “Followed Sites” list from A-Z, knocking out 1-2 letters each day.

Going through the list in alphabetical order takes a couple weeks, and often, I need to catch up on several posts by the time I get back to a blogger. But now I’m thinking that I’d rather read a couple posts throughout the week from a blogger than read five posts on their site in one sitting. Plus, I like to receive attention on a post immediately after publishing, so it feels hypocritical that I don’t do that for other bloggers.

My solution is to create an email account that I only use for blogging and subscribe to my “blogging buddies,” so I can like and comment on their posts in a more timely fashion, while still using the A-Z method for “blogging acquaintances.”

[If you want to be my “blogging buddy,” all you have to do is be a loyal reader and encourager, and I will do the same for you. ♥]

In other news, I’m attending a spiritual growth retreat in a couple days. Yay! I’ll be back with a post sometime next week. Until then, I’ll be catching up with your posts as time permits. 🙂

Thanks for reading! See ya soon! Let me know in the comments your favorite thing about the blogging community on WP.

P.S. For those who don’t follow me on FB or IG, here are some images I’ve made lately. ♥


  1. I found you through Dee’s and Ann’s blogs. I agreed with your comments and so decided to check out your site. I will take a look around.

    I’m not sure if I’m understanding it correctly, but it seems to me like you’re following too many blogs. Might that be an issue? Are you still interested in all of them? I like checking my Reader on a daily basis (that varies with weekends), so that way I keep up with most of everyone.

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    1. You are right that I follow too many blogs. I’m realizing too late that I should wait a little while to follow people back–to see if their follow is sincere or not. I’m trimming it down every day, so I hope I can get back to a manageable point. Thanks for stopping by!

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  2. I tried responding to the discussion of literature but it’s like texting myself.
    I guess it’s a girl thing.

    Long live Finn Mac. McCool and the Fianna warriors


    1. Yes, me too! Please consider doing a blog post on it, but no pressure, Lily. If writing a post about it afterwards is not the healthiest thing for you to do, don’t feel as though you must. Hope all goes well with your retreat! May you find peace, rest, and renewal in Christ! ❤

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  3. Would love to hear about how the retreat goes! Like Emma said above, please consider doing a blog post but no pressure!

    To answer your question, I think my favorite thing about the WP Community is the amount of encouragement that is given. Readers build each other up rather than tear them down! I love that we have a Christian community that prays for one another!

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  4. Personally, I’ve also been super encouraged by joining this community as of late. It has been so uplifting, motivating and inspiring for me to interact with other Christian bloggers and even to simply know that there are people who actually share commonalities with me. 😉
    I think you’ve come up with a smart solution to keeping up with all the blogs. I’ve not yet started following a large number for fear that I’ll begin feeling overwhelmed myself, but I can definitely see how a separate email would be helpful.

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    1. I’m so glad you are sharing in this experience! It’s like a wonderful, God-filled oasis on the internet. Being part of this community has genuinely made me a better person, probably b/c I am constantly being pointed to Christ in a real, relatable way. I wish I had followed less sites along the way since it is taking me so long to trim the list. Lesson learned!

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  5. I understand and follow those most relevant tome as time permits. I wish I could read them all, but of course, I can’t. By all accounts, though I’d like to at least show I appreciate and consider the value of other’s thoughts. Whenever a person takes the time to set pen to paper, yes…I value that. Thanks for your honest assessment as always.

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    1. I’m with you, Tom–I can’t read it all, but I appreciate the effort of writing and try to show that as often as possible by supporting other bloggers. Thanks for your consistent support!

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  6. Great post Lily. I’m looking forward to hearing about your retreat. As for keeping up with other’s posts, I don’t use the reader. I’ve set my settings to notify me of posts, comments, likes for most blogs that I follow. So now the bell on my upper right hand corner lights up when any of these things occur. It’s a very handy tool. God bless!

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  7. Hi Lily! My email client is Gmail, and I filter every ‘new post’ email from the blogs I follow into a specific folder. So then when I have time, I can read through the blog posts in that folder. You might like to consider doing this as an alternative to setting up a new email address, because checking two email accounts rather than one could be a bit much. If you’d like me to explain how I set this up, let me know and I can help you do the same. It’s very straightforward.

    Hope you have a wonderful time at the retreat! Stay safe and enjoy 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Steven! That is actually a great idea–thanks for sharing! I am either going to use your idea or Dee’s idea of setting up notifications for my buddies’ post through WP itself. Both ideas are better than having to make another email account!

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  8. I would have never thought that such “community” could be found through something like blogging. It’s a bit surreal to think that what connects us all can be so simple. When I first started blogging, around 13 years ago, I connected to a local network of people from my tri-county area. Several of these writers and I have been able to meet in person and maintain friendships to this day, though many of them have stopped blogging.

    When I came over to WP, Blogging in this format was very different to what I had on my other one and the connections to other writers was more widespread. I don’t have a chance to start reading new blogs very often. I barely have time to write my own these days. But I use the reader and email options. Both are very handy.

    Have a great conference, Lily!!

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    1. That sounds like a cool experience! I often think how fun it would be to meet some of y’all in person. 🙂 I totally feel you on the time constraints! It’s a productive week if I publish two posts in the same week, ha.

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  9. Hi Lily! Of course I have my favorite blogs and I tend to read them most often. But I try to check in with new followers and new faces that leave a like. It’s hard to keep up, but sometimes I meet a new blogger that becomes one of my favorites. I like the reader view, but some of my favorite blogs don’t show up very often. You are on my Favorites list! Blessings, Lily!

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  10. I agree, WordPress is a form of ministry and fellowship. I appreciate it so much although I have to be honest–blogging here has been a bit elf focused for me, getting a lot more out of it than I feel I am giving. If I were blogging under my real name I think I would be better about making and keeping connections. I’ve blogged in the past in other formats and social media sites and kept up a LOT more when I was using my real name and identity. Even had some blog friends become face to face friends in the past. That is one of the limitations for me, of anonymous blogging. And so, if I return frequently to a blog it is because I am genuinely being ‘fed’ there, or educated, or entertained, or uplifted, etc.!

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    1. Well, I for one enjoy your posts! It’s nice that you are supporting other bloggers, though. 🙂 I can see how being anonymous would make interactions less intimate, but you have to do what’s best for you.

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  11. Great post!! Thanks for the encouragement of being real through blogging…I’m sooo far behind on reading posts right now so I’m trying to go through and just read some of my favorite bloggers posts for now to catch up!! Thanks for being one of them;)

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  12. I love your post and your passion for Christ! We probably aren’t as committed bloggers as you are so we just read when we can and catch up when we can. We just have a passion to save, protect and enrich Christian marriages. We wrote a post today on the teachings of Paul today. We love marriage!
    God bless you for helping to spread the Gospel!

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  13. I relate to this so much! The Reader has really become overwhelming! I cut out my list of blogs I wasn’t reading at all or those who have stopped blogging. Just today, I thought about maybe when I receive a comment from a blogger to check out their blog, especially if I’m working on keeping up. It helps me manage a little better I can check up with others as well. Totally relate to the hypocrisy. ❤

    It is true, too. Connecting scripture to life is so helpful for so many people! It took me a while to find a place that this kind of writing became easier but God has been providing and helping me so much ❤


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