How I’m Coping With Corona Burn-Out

When people ask, “how have you been during all this?” I say I’ve been doing pretty well. Lately, though, I wonder if the whole “life-being-disrupted-for-over-six-months” thing is affecting me more than I’ve realized.

Creating care packages for “sunshine deliveries”

My days are primarily spent at home aside from working out with my trainer, attending church (don’t worry–social distancing and masks required), and the occasional doctor’s appointment, “nail salon with grandma” tradition, or other excursion. I feel relatively content and accomplish several things most days. I’ve still been writing blog posts, reading others’ posts and also books, serving volunteer roles in church and United Methodist Women (just finished our last quarterly newsletter of 2020–yay!), completing my newspaper installments, etc. Compared to others who are borderline depressed, unmotivated to be productive at all, or worse, I’m coping well.

But my motivation and creativity are waning. Some days are worse than others, but still… I’m not having many blog post or Bookstagram ideas. I haven’t even shared a blog post to Bookstagram in weeks. I’ve always procrastinated with replying to comments, but I’m a month behind now, which is excessive even for me. Days melt into weeks that melt into months; time passes in a blur.

As a sort of ‘mindfulness’ exercise, I’m going to list some things that perk me up and get my brain juices flowing. I hope this reflective task urges me to make more deliberate choices and seek out what inspires me. Perhaps you could contemplate what refreshes and re-energizes you.

Going out by myself

Taking a drive alone rejuvenates me–and playing some good tunes in the background adds icing to the cake. I know some readers are handicapped and/or don’t have a car. So, take a drive, or take a walk, or take a roll down the sidewalk. In whatever way you can, I highly recommend getting some time to yourself and getting in motion.


My newest baby is a red maranta (prayer plant)

I never cared about them until the pandemic, but I’ve accumulated several this year. I love nurturing them and just gazing at them. There’s something neat about beholding a living, growing, lovely piece of creation that relies on me as its caretaker. Great light-hearted hobby for anyone in any living space at any age–just be sure your lighting conditions align with the plant’s needs. 🙂


Praying re-centers my spirit. By thanking God for my blessings and uplifting others in need, I’m pushed to re-adopt a mindset of gratitude. It brings me an inexplicable peace of mind. I feel close to God again; my focus and purpose are sharpened. Take time to reconnect with God and find tranquility.


Exercise pumps blood throughout my body and engages all my muscles, then the happy chemicals rush into my brain to add another layer of awesomeness to the good feelings. Additionally, the simple fact of its occupying a couple hours (change-work out-shower-get dressed) provides a welcome change of pace on slow days. Many of us have some limitations, but to whatever degree you can, try to get some exercise; you won’t regret it.

Improving my space

I don’t generally WANT to do chores–straighten up a cluttered drawer, clean off a dusty bookshelf, organize the mail–but it’s beneficial to my mental health. Since I spend so much time in my environment, I feel better when I do small things that make it clean, quaint, and cohesive. I bet you will, too, if you do the same.

Creating & consuming art

My latest purchase from “funky by nature” ♥

My paintbrush is the proverbial pen (technically a keyboard), and writing can be therapeutic for me. I’m forced to reach inside myself and yank out my thoughts and ideas, which still float around but are sometimes drowned out by the loud hum of monotony. Generating that metaphor felt great, actually, so I think I’ll start writing poetry. I’ve never been a profound poet, but hey, weird times call for new creative outlets.

I’ve consumed art by making some purchases from small crafters. As with the plants, I simply appreciate looking at it. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, right? I don’t know how to describe it, but unique, one-of-a-kind artwork inspires me. Find what inspires you, friends. ♥

Thanks for reading! How are you coping with burn-out…making crafts, staying in touch with friends, finding cool shows to binge, trying out recipes, discovering music, nature walks, new hobbies, etc? Let me know in the comments. Peace and joy be with you. 🙂


  1. Excellent thoughts. Love your art!You know, as I think on it, even prior to corona, my life has been somewhat housebound for a long time. Being very introverted, it took a while to really get to me-except perhaps for the sake of my not-so-introverted kids. It hurt to see things taken away from them that they love and, now that they have some of those things back, I just pray the situation in our area is such that they can keep them. I am not feeling to sure of that at this point as cases climb. I guess you could say that because of that, yes, I am feeling the weight of this situation more. Not to mention there is an additional issue for me-masks are so difficult for me at long intervals, mostly due to major claustrophobia and year-round allergies. So, whereas I really didn’t go out much before, now, I really, REALLY don’t go out much. Church and volunteering with the youth on Wednesdays are basically my biggest outings. So…I do similar things at home to keep going-art, writing, praying, studying scripture, keeping the house clean and organized. I have also ventured lately into my daughter’s Just Dance games (when I have the energy and no one else here to giggle at my lack of coordination. 🙂). I also bake quite a lot, cookies being my specialty. And selling a few of my vintage oddities and unwanted clothes on Mercari has given me a reason to take a few walks down to the post office. And then, of course, there are my kids to keep me busy. All in all, reading that lengthy bit over, I guess it really does remain a full life. 🙂


  2. I can relate to some these: prayer, plants, organizing, and exercise..
    I love what you said about plants because I didn’t have much interest in them until coronavirus I’m really enjoying and adding more and more to my home❤️
    Love the new piece you purchased!
    I’ve also been doing lots of reading too!


  3. Lily,
    V was a great post I know exactly how you feel I’ve only left the house a handful of times. Oh my guy so getting a manicure is not an option LOL thank you for your positivity. Can’t wait for your next YouTube video. Be well


  4. Yes, writing, painting, outdoor excursions, trying to get better at cleaning and organizing 🙂 Also, playing lots of games. My husband and I play an average of one board game per day (Ironically, one of these is called Pandemic!) Thanks for sharing! I feel like the one thing the pandemic/ lockdown forced me to do was to decide how I really wanted to spend my time each day. How can I “live my best life” for the Lord under these circumstances.


  5. Girl. I work in banking, which is an essential service. So my routine, for the most part, has not been too interrupted. Aside from not being able to visit with certain people, and the ever-changing circumstances around school for my daughter, life has gone on, in many ways, as it did before March. Except now we wear masks and aren’t out and about as much, which was little to begin with for a family of introverts such as ourselves.

    We also moved into the new house just as everything was beginning to implode so that had kept us busy with getting the new digs arrranged. Planting a yard and flower beds.

    See my latest post for our newest and best distraction ever.

    But all of the things you mentioned are some of mine as well. I listen to podcasts when I can’t concentrate on a book. I write, but rarely publish anything at the moment. I get out and walk, daily. And count all of the enormous blessings that have been granted to me.

    So glad you are doing well. Your writing is always a ray of sunshine to me.


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